29th Aug 2006 Good news/Bad news


That's right: we've some good news and also some (very) bad news for you. To begin with, the good news is that we've finally gotten some of our recent recordings up to scratch, so four new songs are now ready for download, via the links below (and on the music page):

Track Length File Size Lyrics
Phone Box 2:53 2.65Mb ??
Company 2:18 2.11Mb Click Here
Clutching At Straws 2:50 3.21Mb Click Here
Boring Gordon 3:30 2.59Mb Click Here

The bad news - although this isn't strictly 'news' to most people who read this site - is that Chris will be moving to Amsterdam in October, leaving us without a drummer and signalling the end of an era for the band. We're not sure whether we'll carry on without him, since he's pretty much irreplacable and all that, but what is for sure is that our last gig for the forseeable future will be this Saturday at the Man On The Moon, with Rosalita and The Stray Embers:

This is a plea to everyone who's free that night to come on down and give him the best Bastard send-off we possibly can. Cheers!

7th Aug 2006 Lots of photos uploaded, new recordings on the way


Just uploaded a whole bunch of photos from the last three gigs we played - check 'em out on the gigs page. We also had a fun weekend recording bits of Phone Box, the song that people always want to hear recorded, but we always have to say "we've not done it yet". Hopefully you'll be able to hear that very soon......

26th July 2006 Lots of gigs coming up


We've got a whole raft of gigs on the way, including two sets at the Loft all-dayer next weekend, and a slot at the Pink Picnic festival on 19th August. To see full details, as well as photos from CB2 last weekend, check out the gigs page.

18th July 2006 Gig this Saturday, photos and reviews


We'll be doing an acoustic set at CB2 Cafe this Saturday, with Daniel Flay and John Pearce. Please try and make it!
Photos from
the last gig at The Portland are now on the gigs page. Two reviews of this gig are on the reviews page.

6th July 2006 Colonel Bastard on the radio


Last Sunday, we appeared on local Cambridge radio station 209radio, on their Sunday Roasting show, hosted by Nik Shelton. We had a great time, as it was a nice opportunity to talk a load of old bollocks for an hour. Thanks to Nik and everyone else at 209.

The show is archived on their site here, alternatively you can download an mp3 of it here.

3rd July 2006 Photos from the last gig, plus a small reminder :-)


Uploaded the shots from the gig at the Man On The Moon from a couple of weeks back. See them on the gigs page!

Also, please don't forget this:

That's right, this Saturday kids!!! See you there.....

14th June 2006 More gigs, photos and reviews


Two more gigs confirmed, both of them at the Man On The Moon: one isn't until waaaayyy off in September (that'll be on the 2nd, supported by Rosalita), and the other is a bit closer - it's this Saturday, so make sure you get on down to the Moon!!

Also uploaded photos from our last few gigs (Xoo Bar, Portland, and a last-minute set as a three-piece at the Loft), as well as reviews of those last two. See the gigs page or the reviews page.

24th April 2006 Two more gigs confirmed


Just booked ourselves two more gigs: the first is an acoustic set at the Xoo Bar in Peterborough on 10th May, and the other is supporting Fell City Girl on 27th July back at our favourite local venue, the Loft. See the gigs page for full details, and also some photos from the Strawberry Fair benefit gig at the Man On The Moon on Good Friday

12th April 2006 No Strawberry Fair after all :-(


Oops! Looks like we jumped the gun a bit with that Strawberry Fair news in the last update, as we've just received an e-mail informing us that we're only on the reserve list to play the East Stage at this year's festival (this means that we'll only get to play it if another band should happen to drop out). D'oh! Nevermind - we'll still be playing the benefit gig this Friday at The Man On The Moon, so make sure you pop along to that, as it's a great lineup, and all proceeds go towards ensuring the future of the festival.

Currently trying to sort out another date at the Loft for July, to see photos of the last one check out the gigs page.

30th March 2006 Strawberry Fair!


Well, we didn't win our heat at the Red Stripe Band Competition, but we did have a bloody good time, and we also made a lot of new friends. Huge thanks must go to James from Karmadillo for stepping in on bass at the 11th hour and managing to learn our whole set in just 3 rehearsals. Well done also to the Alex Harris band, who last night won the final of the whole competition. Photos from our set can now be seen on the gigs page, along with a few shots from last Saturday's acoustic gig at the Lisboa Bar in Peterborough.

And after the excitement of the band comp, there's further good news on the horizon, as it has recently been confirmed that we'll be playing on the East stage at this year's Strawberry Fair festival on 3rd June. And we might all be there for this one too!

7th Feb 2006 Bad news!


The bad news we've received recently is that Martin will be away on work duties for a week in the middle of March. What this means is that we've had to postpone the Portland gig on the 11th to a later date, and also that we'll be taking part in the Red Stripe Band Competition without him. We'll be bringing in a replacement bass player and Ben will be taking on all the lead vocals, which should be interesting to say the least. Please do still come along and support us. We'll probably need it!

On a brighter note, the acoustic gigs are going very well - photos from last week's set at The Living Room have now been uploaded to the gigs page (as well as shots from all other gigs so far this year). We've also recently taken to busking in town at weekends - so if you do see the three of us standing outside Boots in the centre of Cambridge freezing our butts off, then please do stop and say hello.

And finally, a last minute gig update: this Thursday (9th) at The Loft we'll be performing another acoutic set, with Badwell Ash and Jaime Randall.

13th Jan 2006 Red Stripe Band Competition!


Wahay! It's just been confirmed that we have been entered into Heat 3 of the Red Stripe Band Competition, to be held at The Junction on Wednesday 15th March. Full details are, as ever, to be found on the gigs page.

10th Jan 2006 Happy New Year! We've booked some gigs!!


Check out the gigs page to find out where we'll be playing this year. More to come soon (hopefully).....


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