Here lurk the fruits from the evergreen tree of noise, standing alone in a forest of silence. The Bastard have recorded in a number of forms, both in the studio and on a more humble, home setup. Many demos are available for download here in mp3 format, as are a few of the studio recordings. Click on a cover to learn more about each record, download the mp3s and read the lyrics.


*** UPDATE AUGUST 2006 - 4 NEW MP3s!! ***

Track Length File Size Lyrics
Phone Box 2:53 2.65Mb ??
Company 2:18 2.11Mb Click Here
Clutching At Straws 2:50 3.21Mb Click Here
Boring Gordon 3:30 2.59Mb Click Here

Title: Bubblegum Bears EP

Release Date: October 2005

No. Of Tracks: 3

Description: An EP consisting of three tracks taken from Halcyon Days.


Title: Halcyon Days

Release Date: 15th September 2005

No. Of Tracks: 10

Description: Debut album proper.


Title: The Cambridge Sessions EP

Release Date: March 2003

No. Of Tracks: 3

Description: An EP recorded when the band first relocated to Cambridge.




Title: The White Album

Release Date: November 2005

No. of tracks: 10

Description: A Beatles-inspired album of demos, recorded by Martin to highlight the acoustic side of the band.


Title: Martin's Demos

Release Date: Continually updated

Current No. of tracks: 11

Description: Martin's harmony-fueled demo recordings.


Title: Ben's Demos

Release Date: Continually updated

Current No. of tracks: 5

Description: Some of Ben's home-made tracks.


Title: Ben & Martin's Demos

Release Date: Continually updated

Current No. of tracks: 4

Description: Collaborations and experimentations between the band's two main songwriters.


Title: Russell's Demos

Release Date: Summer 2002

No. of tracks: 3

Description: A selection of Russell's solo cuts, demonstrating his Weezer and Ben Folds-influenced excellence.



The following three tracks were all recorded during the summer of 2001, and were included on an 8 track mini-album entitled The Gentleman's Club. That album has since been rendered obsolete by subsequent recordings, but these songs still sound relevant (and are recorded at a good enough quality to warrant uploading them here).;

Track Length File Size Lyrics
Lost In My Back Garden 3:04 2.81Mb Click Here
Flowers In Her Hair 3:04 2.82Mb Click Here
I Don't Believe In Anything But You 2:30 2.29Mb Click Here