Barley Sheaf - Tuesday 21st December, 2004

1. Company
2. Settle Down
3. Boring Gordon
4. Man In Woods
5. England My Love
6. I Think She Thinks I Fancy Her
7. You're A Secretary
8. Life On The Road
9. Are You Still Afraid Of The Dark?

10. Everybody Wants To Be A Football Pundit
11. I'd Have Been There
12. Jack Jackanory
13. There And Back


14. Cher Practised Coldplay
15. This Charming Man
16. Zebra Man
17. Curtains For Me

18. Little Red Spiders
19. The Day I Met The Bloke From Hollyoaks
20. Losing Touch
21. Surf The Sexxx.Net
22. Bubblegum Bears
23. She's A Lady
24. Cup Of Tea
25. Peter Sissons
26. Whitley Grange

APU SU Bar - Tuesday 30th March, 2004

Bloc Party + Kill Kenada + Colonel Bastard

Finally moving up a rung on the gig ladder, Colonel Bastard were given the opportunity to support two touring bands in the shape of the spiky Kill Kenada and NME's latest darlings Bloc Party, at the APU SU bar. A slightly nervous start was quickly dispelled as the band launched into rip-roaring versions of Bubblegum Bears and Sex Net. Most punters didn't start turning up 'til towards the end of the set, but were rewarded with the twin delights of Peter Sissons and Whitley Grange; the former of which witnessed many a foot tapping and head nodding during the a capella break down. Many thanks to all who turned up early enough to catch the set, and to the other bands who were both incredible (and Duncan Scott, for his lovely photography). For a review of the night's entertainment, click here.

1. Settle Down
2. Cup Of Tea
3. Bubblegum Bears
4. The Day I Met The Bloke From Hollyoaks
5. Losing Touch
6. Surf The Sexxx.Net
7. She's A Lady
8. Peter Sissons
9. Whitley Grange