Full Name: Martin John White

Born: 03/01/81, Plymouth

Does: Vocals, Guitars, Bass

(Current) Favourite Albums:

Dave Stewart - Greetings From The Gutter
Teardrop Explodes - Kilimanjaro
Crash Test Dummies - A Worm's Life

Favourite Films:

Blue Velvet
Barton Fink
This Is Spinal Tap

Favourite Books:

Dante’s Equation (Jane Jenson)
The Beano Annual 2004 (Various)

Currently Studying: PhD, High Energy Physics

Martin has a strong musical background and contributes roughly half of the songs. "The band has that classic song-writing partnership of the melodic pop lover and the experimentalist, but it’s a bit jumbled up", he tells us. "Ben's your McLennon, and I'm Cartney". Though it's true to say that his eccentric, whimsical streak runs deep, Martin has a love of pop from all eras, from the Beach Boys to the Pixies. “I’ve always admired bands that are tunesmiths”, he admits. “I’ve seen all sorts of clever bands doing all sorts of noise and post-rock schmindie, and they’re great at it, but part of me will never respect them as much as a band that can write a tune. A band like Madness is as great as any that has ever existed - solid melody, and great pop.”

Martin has written many of the band's defining moments, from the distorted ‘song-within-a-song’ of Whitley Grange, to the sheer rush of She’s A Lady and Bubblegum Bears. With his definition of pop seemingly including anything that, in his own words, “has a tune hidden somewhere”, it’s fascinating to watch him present his songs with a confused enthusiasm.