Full Name: Christopher David White

Born: 03/01/81, Plymouth

Does: Percussion, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Favourite Albums:

Pulp - This Is Hardcore
Ian Dury And The Blockheads - Do It Yourself
Talking Heads - More Songs About Buildings And Food

Favourite Films:

The Hudsucker Proxy
Sunday in New York

Favourite Books:

Bleak House (Dickens)
The Diary of a Nobody (George and Weedon Grossmith)

Currently Studying: Natural Sciences at Downing College, University of Cambridge


A drummer and percussionist with considerable experience, Chris has also added one or two songs of his own to the Bastard canon. With the most eclectic taste of anyone in the group, to include Sondheim and any number of modern composers, Chris is at pains to point out his love of pop. “I think our job is to try and put some of the intelligence back in to pop music. We’re never going to be quite able to divorce our brain from our music, and if we can end up like Talking Heads or even Sparks, there’s something to be said for that”, he tells us.

Though Chris is stuck behind a kit live, he comes into his own in the studio as both an arranger and instrumentalist. “I used to find drumming frustrating, as it can be quite repetitive”, he confesses. “I now drum a lot harder, and rock out more, and I think over time it has increased my stamina!” Indeed, his work on songs such as Settle Down and Losing Touch demonstrates both his wide range of rhythms and his impeccable qualities as a musician.